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Jokowi hands over 8300 land certificates

Posted by On 17.11

Jokowi hands over 8300 land certificates

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, LANGKAT -- President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) on Friday handed over 8,300 land certificates for land owners in the regency of Langkat, city of Binjai, city of Medan and regency of Deli Serdang, in the province of North Sumatra.

President said the certification program would continue for the lands of 126 million Indonesian families, adding until now certification has reached only for the land of 46 families.

"This year we would issue 5 million land certificates and next year 7 million and in the following year 9 million certificates for Indonesia," he said.

He said in North Sumatra 3.9 million pieces of land should already have certificate but there had been only 1.4 million certificate issued.

The certificates were handed over symbolically to Farida Hariani, Sukemi, Harmen of the city of Medan; Darmawi, Efiyanti, Syahrial representing the people of the regency of L angkat; Paino, Siti Nurhasanah, Ade representing the peoploe of the regency of Deli Serdang; Sutrisno, Nurmiati, Muhammad Ali representing the people of the city of Binjai.

Around 8,300 of 9,000 land owners to receive certificates attended the ceremony at the soccer field in Stabat on Friday including 3,000 from the regency of Langkat, 3,200 from the regency of Deli Serdang; 2,000 from the city of Medan and 750 from Binjai.

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